The Medimobile App

Medimobile's enhanced flu prevention program (which includes App) is designed to complement our well-established flu vaccination program. The Medimobile app is available to download for free.

Book your flu vaccines for the 2023 season

By downloading the app you will be able to

  • Learn more about how to prevent the spread of colds and flu in the workplace and at home, with a five step flu prevention program
  • Book your flu vaccination appointment with participating employers or public clinics, and complete your consent online
  • Check your medications against a list of medications that may interact with the flu vaccine
  • Check your medical conditions against a list of conditions that mean you should seek additional medical advice before receiving the flu vaccine
  • Search for answers to frequently asked questions about the flu and the flu vaccine
  • Interact with our doctors for medical advice about the flu and the flu vaccine
  • Provide feedback, including any reactions you may be experiencing from the vaccination

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