Flu Fundraiser Clinics

Medimobile’s community based Flu Fundraiser Clinics offer clubs and organisations a new and innovative way to raise money while enhancing the health and wellbeing of their members and guests

Hosting a Medimobile Flu Fundraiser Clinic is easy, all you need to do is:

  • Book the flu vaccination clinic date with Medimobile
  • Provide a suitable room on-site and let your members and guests know about the clinic
  • Collect payment from your members and guests on the day

Medimobile will supply everything else that you need to run a smooth and efficient clinic including all marketing material to promote the clinic to your members and guests.

Contact us for more details on how a Medimobile Flu Fundraiser Clinic could work for your club or organisation

If you are an individual looking for a Medimobile community based flu clinic near you.


Refer another company to Medimobile for their corporate flu vaccinations and for every successful referral we will send you a $50 rewards card. You can use the Medimobile rewards card for just about anything, from movie tickets, plane tickets and holidays to restaurants, groceries and even petrol.

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