Hospital in the Home (HITH) services reduce the length of hospital stay and improve patient quality of life and recovery time.

Services currently include intravenous antibiotic infusions, post operative wound care, Perioperative Physician services and will soon also encompass chemotherapy, indwelling pleural catheters, and complex wound treatment.
Patients must be privately insured with an eligible health fund and be referred to Medimobile by their treating private overnight hospital. Public Hospitals may also choose to refer to Medimobile with prior agreement of cost.

All services are developed and overseen by Dr Kirsten Baulch, our founding Medical Director, our team of General Practitioners, Physicians (including Infectious Diseases speciality), senior nurses and Registered Nurses. All nurses are appropriately trained in PICC line management, IV therapy and IV medication administration. Patients have access via telephone to Medimobile doctors and nurses 24/7.

Our success has been built on superior patient care and customer service. We see customer service as not just delivering effective, valued programs, but doing the small things right, and going above and beyond service expectations.


Some private health funds offer ‘treatment at home’ options for eligible members for a range of treatments.

These treatments at home are sometimes called hospital-substitute treatment (or HST) because the treatment at home takes the place of treatment they would otherwise have to go to, or stay longer in, hospital for. Contact us to request Medimobile become a registered provider with your private health fund.


If a patient’s treating team at the hospital believes the patient fits the criteria for home treatment, our referral form is completed by the discharge planning team and forwarded to Medimobile. Contact us to receive a copy of our referral form and to learn which health funds we are currently partnered with, and which areas of Australia we currently service. We can also supply more information about our policies and procedures or arrange for Dr Kirsten Baulch or our senior hospital in the home nurse to visit your hospital to answer any questions your discharge planning team may have.